Each business is unique and has training requirements specific to its own business or organisation. At Upstream we can design and deliver training packages to satisfy these training needs.

What makes our training stand out from the crowd is that we are passionate about our subject matter, draw practical examples from our knowledge and experience, have excellent presentation and communication skills, and we use effective training techniques that engage our audience and encourage them to learn through interacting on a fun and interesting level.

Our training service extends nationwide, and we are flexible with regard to delivering training by day or evening, with a view to accommodating our clients’ business needs.



Courses Available


Other courses offered, which can be blended and tailor-made to meet our clients training needs are:

– Human Factors
– Safety Leadership
– Thermal Comfort
– UV Exposure
– Toxicology
– Occupational Hygiene
– Cynefin Framework

The solutions are straightforward and accessible, but you need help to get you there. We can help you and your business grow. We want to give you that support. We want to talk to you.