Safety statements offer an in-depth review of a workplace and are a legal requirement for all businesses. When conducted by a professional with a view to protecting employer, employee and all others that interact with the business, they can add great value to businesses.


Advantages of a Safety Statement:

  1. To improve the well-being of employees
  2. The efficiency of the business
  3. Contribute to a healthier and happier society

At Upstream, when asked to compile a Safety Statement, we will carry out a site visit, identify the various hazards, and conduct risk assessments on them. Any gaps in controls will be identified and recommendations put in place for the business owner/manager to implement.

Whilst every business is unique, the principles behind the various hazards are the same. In each of the Safety Statements we compile we look at a numerous hazards under the following headings: physical, chemical, biological, muscoskeletal & psychosocial. Depending on the workplace, some will be more prevalent than others. What is sometimes overlooked in Safety Statements is the health & wellbeing aspect. Central to our focus is employee wellbeing, and ensuring it can be protected & promoted at all times. As a result, we will ensure that you will have a Safety Statement that brings real value to your business.

We offer safety statements to a variety of businesses. Some examples to date have been Primary Schools, Car Dismantlers, Garden Centre’s, Hairdressers, Electrical Contractors, Glaziers & Window Installation. Please contact us with regard to compiling your Safety Statement, we would be delighted and honoured to be able to assist you in this area.

Safety Statements Webinar: